The Green Party
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Official Name:
Green Party
Howie Hawkins (1984)
Founding date:
1984 (Committees of Correspondence), 1990 (Green Committees of Correspondence), 1991 (The Greens USA), 1992 (Green Party USA), 1996 (Association of State Green Parties), 2001 (Green Party of the United States).
Party Ideology:
The Green Party, which rejects any form of corporate sponsorship or funding, is committed to preserving democracy, the environment and social justice, through a policy of non-violence.
Party History:
The Green Party of the United States was founded in 2001, primarily to serve as an umbrella body for various state level green parties. In an earlier incarnation, it was registered as the Association of State Green Parties (1996-2001), a conceptually similar, but organizationally different entity.

The Green Party’s 2012 nominee for president, Dr. Jill Stein, is the most successful female presidential candidate in the country’s history, garnering almost 500,000 votes in the election. Ralph Nader, the 2000 candidate for president, holds the record as the party’s most successful nominee, securing nearly three million votes. His performance is regularly cited as one of the contributing factors behind Sen. Al Gore’s defeat to former President George W. Bush in 2000.
Party address:
Green Party of the United States
7059 Blair Road NW, Suite 104
Washington, DC 20012

Telephone: 202-319-7191
Party logo:
A yellow sunflower with a green head on a white background
Party chairperson:
Susan Chunco
Farheen Hakeem
Darryl Moch
Charles Ostdiek
A.J. Segneri
Karen Young
Steve Welzer
Prominent figures:
• Howie Hawkins: Led the efforts to tie a disparate band of activists into a single entity, culminating with the founding of the Committees of Correspondence (a precursor to the modern Green Party) in 1984.

• Ralph Nader: The legendary consumer activist was a two-time Green party nominee for president (1996 and 2000). His stunning performance in the 2000 presidential election, where he finished third with 2.74% of the votes, is seen by many as one of the major contributing factors behind the defeat of Senator Al Gore to former president George W. Bush.

• Farheen Hakeem, the party’s co-chair, is presently the highest ranking Muslim in any U.S. political party.


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